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“As children of God, there comes a time when He begins to prepare us for greatness. We discover how God speaks to us and mentors us in ways that we learn timeless lessons that shape us into the warriors of tomorrow.”

– Tanya Vezza

Tanya shares powerful lessons in this book to help you truly experience God’s wisdom, strength, peace, joy, and miracles in your own life. Applying these lessons will enable you to live an extraordinary life filled with freedom and victory.

Are you ready to unlock the keys to a victorious life? Get LESSON 1: BELIEVE, the first chapter of her new book below.


Thank You Dads

Thank you to all the hard-working dad’s out there, your families appreciate all you do for them!

Don’t Trip…

Yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon shopping with my daughter. I was standing outside of the women’s dressing room waiting for her to come out, when I noticed the wording on the back of a t-shirt on someone walking by. It said: Don’t trip over something behind you. It was absolutely brilliant and timely! Just…


Tanya Vezza, Author and Encourager

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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and started my writing career as a technical writer. My writing changed focus in 2015, when I began sharing experiences from my own life.

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