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“As children of God, there comes a time when He begins to prepare us for greatness. We discover how God speaks to us and mentors us in ways that we learn timeless lessons that shape us into the warriors of tomorrow.”

– Tanya Vezza

Tanya shares powerful lessons in this book to help you truly experience God’s wisdom, strength, peace, joy, and miracles in your own life. Applying these lessons will enable you to live an extraordinary life filled with freedom and victory.

Are you ready to unlock the keys to a victorious life? Get LESSON 1: BELIEVE, the first chapter of her new book below.


Divine Appointments

I had a “divine appointment” at a local coffee shop yesterday. I use the term divine appointments for interactions I have with other people that I have not planned but that are clearly orchestrated by the Lord. I had been sitting in a corner booth for almost an hour trying—without success—to get some writing done.Continue reading “Divine Appointments”

Together We Win

The enemy is trying to use division in an attempt to conquer mankind. He is desperate because he knows he is losing control. He knows that the only move he has left is to try to keep us fighting each other. But, he has overplayed his hand, which will ultimately lead to his undoing.  ItContinue reading “Together We Win”


Tanya Vezza, Author and Encourager

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I am a wife, mother, and writer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and started my writing career as a technical writer. My writing changed focus in 2015, when I began sharing experiences from my own life.

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