Don’t Trip…

Yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon shopping with my daughter. I was standing outside of the women’s dressing room waiting for her to come out, when I noticed the wording on the back of a t-shirt on someone walking by. It said: Don’t trip over something behind you.

It was absolutely brilliant and timely!

Just the night before, I had spent quite a bit of time working with God to address things from my past that I realized were wounds holding me back and needed to be let go. For each wound I released, I followed up with the things I desire to see replace them now and as well as in my future.

It is easy to have “snares” creep into our hearts and thoughts. They usually enter our lives innocuously. Often, it isn’t until we recognize a pattern in our thinking that causes similar events to happen in our lives that we become aware of their existence.

This got me thinking about a powerful exercise that a dear friend of mine did at a women’s event several years ago. She asked a volunteer to start walking forward but she had given her a rope with heavy objects attached to it.

It became very hard for her to make any forward progress, so she kept looking backwards, which only slowed her down. That’s when my friend said, “You can’t move forward when you’re looking back. You have to let the baggage of the past go or they weigh you down.”

I have decided to let go of the “snares,” prophecy what I want in my life through my thoughts, and look forward … so I don’t trip over something behind me.

I hope you’ll join me.

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