What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Gone

This simple decorative piece sits on the corner of my desk. I have it there as a daily reminder. When life’s struggles creep in, it can be hard to remember that there is hope for a better future.  Our family’s journey has not looked like most people. For many years, things were extremely hard, andContinue reading “What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Gone”

What Are You Thinking Going Into 2021?

My sweet daughter surprised me with this inspirational writing pad that says “FUTURE BESTSELLER.” She noticed that I have several yellow writing pads all over my desk that have my notes, to-do lists, and writing scribbled on them. She made a simple—yet profound— statement that I needed something better for my writing. Her simple statementContinue reading “What Are You Thinking Going Into 2021?”

Great Miracles Come From Small Things

As we draw closer to Christmas, the words from one of my favorite holiday songs keeps playing in my head. The song is about the magi following the star to find baby Jesus. Even though Jesus is small, they recognize that He is a King with the ability to bring us all together. The centralContinue reading “Great Miracles Come From Small Things”