Divine Appointments

I had a “divine appointment” at a local coffee shop yesterday. I use the term divine appointments for interactions I have with other people that I have not planned but that are clearly orchestrated by the Lord. I had been sitting in a corner booth for almost an hour trying—without success—to get some writing done.Continue reading “Divine Appointments”

The Season of the Misunderstood

We truly are living in unprecedented times where so many lines are blurred. What is true? What isn’t? More so than any other time, the ability to truly think for yourself is important. And, if you take the time to truly look, you’ll find answers in the most unlikely of places. The movie “A Bug’sContinue reading “The Season of the Misunderstood”

Joy Comes From Seizing the Unexpected Moments

I have been praying a lot lately asking the Lord to help restore my joy. And, as usual, in the most unexpected way He helped me. Our family just returned home from a vacation to the beach city where my husband and I grew up. By some beautiful coincidence—on the second day of our trip—IContinue reading “Joy Comes From Seizing the Unexpected Moments”