You Can Trust an Unknown Future to a Known God

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” What a powerful message from Corrie Ten Boom. Is our future really unknown? Or is it only unknown to us? What a great reminder that with a known God, who is unchanging, our future is never uncertain. Hold on to that in theContinue reading “You Can Trust an Unknown Future to a Known God”

A New Breed of Leaders Emerging

There is a new breed of leaders emerging. They are quiet, unassuming, they wouldn’t necessarily call themselves leaders, and they don’t seek out the spotlight. But the Lord has built up in them a quiet strength, unshakable resilience, strong character, and divine wisdom. They will not necessarily look the way people expect. But they areContinue reading “A New Breed of Leaders Emerging”

Things are Bursting Forth in Your Favor

The Lord often communicates with me in interesting and unique ways. This afternoon, I was washing a medium-size mason jar. It was filled about a third of the way with soap and water. I put the lid back on and started shaking the jar, so the movement of the water would clean the inside ofContinue reading “Things are Bursting Forth in Your Favor”