A New Journey


Any journey in life begins with the simple action of deciding to take the very first step necessary to embark upon a new venture. A journey may be anything and no two journeys are alike, however, all journeys start with the action of daring to go into the unknown. Paradoxically, the first step is usually relatively easy in nature, and yet at the same time, dauntingly difficult to actually take. It is challenging enough to envision doing something new, let alone acting upon those thoughts.

To risk moving from the safety and comfort of the known is to face ones fears. It is being willing to be stretched and challenged in order to grow and evolve into that which we long to experience or become. It is a conscious choice to risk failure in the pursuit of what others will consider merely a dream. Ultimately, taking that first step is refusing to continue settling for the status quo.

I find myself at the place of discomfort where the pain of staying where I am is more difficult than the pain of changing. For years, I have happily and quietly been content to share my thoughts and insights among family and friends, where I could hide in the shadows of anonymity. However, for the last couple of years, I have had numerous requests to publish my thoughts and stories in a blog. I have recently started sharing my works with others, and rather than being uncomfortable in the light, I find it more comforting than retreating into the drabness of the shadows where I once hid.

And so, I find myself taking the first step of my next adventure, with this, my first blog post …

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