To Risk Nothing


To risk nothing
for fear of failure is
to gain nothing

For even in the midst of failure
one gains knowledge
they would not have had
if they had not risked failure

And often times
it is the failures
that ultimately lead us
to the knowledge that will
bring us success

Fear not success
brought through failure
Fear instead, success
that comes without failure

For with failure, one gains
knowledge of what truly works
And how to manage
their success once gained

Without failure, one knows not
what brought their success,
nor the means by which to continue

It is in the falling and rising
that we gain our strength
Where our courage is forged
and our maturity secured

Fear rather, the life unlived
The pittance of endless days lived in fear
Rather than the moments of brief pain,
encountered by knowledge gained through strife

For pain is fleeting
But knowledge is forever
And the freedom of a life well-lived, their crown

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