Surprise Blessing

It’s amazing the many ways the Lord gives me surprise blessings. The Lord found a new and unusual way to bless me recently. Last weekend, we had to take my car in to the shop to get some work done. There was an older gentleman who arrived shortly after us. As soon as we were done and heading towards my husband’s vehicle to leave, the gentleman came up to us. He smiled and said, “I have a card for you.” I hate to admit but, in my mind, I was hoping that it wasn’t a business card. But, then, he took out a stack of brightly colored cards out of his pocket and started looking through them. When he found the one he liked, he handed it to me, again, with a smile. When I looked at it, I started tearing up because it contained a beautiful and encouraging message. This kind stranger then gave similar cards to my husband and children. And as quietly as he appeared, he walked back to talk to the garage manager. What I didn’t realize is how much I needed that random act of kindness at that exact moment in time. It doesn’t really take much to be a blessing to someone else. So, keep an eye out for how you can be a blessing to someone. And always be prepared for surprise blessings from the Lord!

Here is the actual card I received.



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