Restoration in the Storm


In light of the recent hurricane in Houston, the wildfires on the West coast and Montana, and the impending storm in Florida, I was reminded of something I witnessed a few years ago.

Two years ago, my husband and I were on vacation at a beach resort in Mexico. The day before we left, a powerful storm blew in from the sea. Within a matter of hours, the beach went from sunny with playful waves to a windy and torrential downpour of rain with massive, pounding waves. The conditions were so bad that the resort closed its access to the beach and had a staff member stand guard to ensure no one climbed the gate.

The resort was built on a slight incline above the beach. There was a beautiful railed walkway along the edge of the resort where you could look at the ocean. In the middle of the walkway was a platform with stairs leading down to the beach and water. This was the only access point to the beach from the resort.

As the weather intensified, we stood at the railing next to the guarded platform watching the waves grow bigger and more powerful. We watched as the waves moved farther up the beach. In a very short amount of time, the waves had completely overtaken the beach and began climbing higher and higher along the stairs.

With each successive set of waves, we noticed sand being deposited on the stair steps. As the waves receded, we saw more and more sand. The sand started overtaking the steps and climbed higher up the stairs.

The staff member posted at the gate became excited at the sight of the sand. We overheard him tell another couple that a few years back, a storm like this one had taken most of the sand away. He happily exclaimed that the waves were bringing the sand back. It was a storm that stole and a storm that restored.

Our country has weathered many ‘storms’ over the years. The very essence and nature of our nation has been battered and bruised as a result. The barrage of storms has chipped away at our foundation.

Now, we are besieged on nearly all sides by actual storms and natural disasters. However, I feel strongly in my spirit that what I witnessed at that beach is what is occurring here in America. The storms we are facing are actually catalysts for change and restoration. The very thing that sought to destroy us will be the very thing the Lord uses to help usher in our country’s finest hour.








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