Lessons From God



I am excited to announce that my first book, LESSONS FROM GOD: Keys for Living a Victorious Life, is coming out tomorrow! It will be available in Paperback and eBook. The eBook will be available for free Jan 30th through Feb 1st.

In the book, I share powerful lessons I’ve learned to help you truly experience God’s wisdom, strength, peace, joy, and miracles in your own life. Applying these lessons will enable you to live an extraordinary life filled with freedom and victory.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

“As children of God, there comes a time where He begins to prepare us for greatness. We discover how God speaks to us and mentors us in ways in which we learn timeless lessons that shape us into the warriors of tomorrow.”

“There comes a time in everyone’s life when the Lord invites them to step out of the boat and into the deep with Him. It is an invitation to join Him on an epic journey of transformation and redemption. The Lord desires for all of His children to live in His victory and freedom. The secret to living in the Lord’s freedom are key tools that are learned and developed through basic elements of relationship with Him. Using these keys will transform you, set you free, empower you, and release all your God-given abilities.”

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