New Season

Currently, my husband and I find ourselves reliving circumstances similar to the most painful season we ever experienced.

This is perplexing because the Lord clearly told us several months ago that we had entered a new and better season.

So, why do we find ourselves walking through what looks like the season we just left? A season I would like to forget. A season I never want to relive!

It is hard to stay calm. It is hard not to panic. It is hard to keep old fears from creeping in.

But somehow, despite the circumstances being similar, this is clearly a new season.

And then, the Lord impressed upon me that things were going to work out differently this time and that I had nothing to fear. He also made it clear that part of revisiting this painful part of my past was to free me from it, as well as the wounds and fears that entered my life during that season.

This brief revisiting is His way of bringing me full circle and setting me free to enjoy this new season and the next part of my journey. Now, I view this experience as a blessing in disguise.

So, if you find yourself in circumstances that seem familiar, that you don’t want to relive, and everything inside of you is screaming that nothing has changed, maybe the Lord is trying to bring you full-circle and set you free in this area.

During this time of transition we need to remain calm, realize this is a new season, and keep our fears in check.

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