There are many in the body of Christ who are tired and weary. They have walked through a long and intense wilderness season. They are at the edge of their breakthrough into their promised land. The Lord is asking them to believe again… Believe in themselves … Believe in their future. He is asking them to decree again. But they are so weary and discouraged that they don’t see the power in speaking over their lives.

And, I am right there with them. But the faintest glimmer of hope is lighting up inside me from somewhere deep. All God is asking us to do is speak the promises He’s made to us. Say it in your head, out loud, sing it, write it down. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, just decree over your life!

Just like the Israelites, when they entered into their promised land, we have to shake off the dust of the wilderness and partner with the Lord by speaking to the giants in our land. It was only after they walked around the city, as instructed, and shouted that the walls fell down. Stand your ground and decree.

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