God is Helping You Summit

A couple of years ago, my husband and I took a day trip to Enchanted Rock State Park in the hill country of Austin. There is one particular pink granite monolithic rock that the park is named after. The geology in this area is unique and breathtaking.

The enchanted rock is massive and imposing. It juts straight up 1823 feet. The park ranger warned us that the ascent is quite steep, being that the trail to the summit is only .8 miles. She advised that we take our time climbing to the top.

We started the climb and it seemed innocuous enough. However, after hiking about 60% of the way to the summit, the extreme heat and steepness of the rock started to take its toll. Then, at about 80% of the way, with the summit clearly in view, the weather changed and a storm appeared on the horizon. Massive winds whipped against us making it nearly impossible to move forward, and threatened to actually push us downhill.

At this point, between the sheer exhaustion of battling the gale-force winds and the steep ascent, I seriously considered quitting. I sat down for a minute to catch my breath and make a decision whether to continue or not. As I sat there looking at how close I was to the summit, I decided that it would be a waste to have come this far only to quit right before making it to the top.

So, with newfound determination, I got up determined to make the summit no matter what. And at that exact moment, the unexpected happened. The wind switched directions. Now, the powerful wind was behind my back and actually helping push me up the rock toward the summit!

I immediately thanked God for helping me. It was then that I heard in my spirit, “I am helping you summit. I am going to get you the rest of the way.” And the sense I had was that this promise wasn’t meant just for me but for many of God’s people.

There are many who have walked through an extended wilderness period at the Lord’s prompting. They have faced many challenges and obstacles that have caused them to grow tired and weary. But the Lord is breathing a new wind into their life to reignite their hope and resolve. And just as it was God who led them into the wilderness, He is going to supernaturally help them reach the summit of the mountain before them and lead them out of the wilderness into the promises He has made to them.

Hold on just a bit longer, for it is the Lord who is going to help you finish the journey.

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