Things are Bursting Forth in Your Favor

The Lord often communicates with me in interesting and unique ways. This afternoon, I was washing a medium-size mason jar. It was filled about a third of the way with soap and water. I put the lid back on and started shaking the jar, so the movement of the water would clean the inside of the jar for me.

In the middle of a pretty vigorous shake, the lid flew off and soapy water burst out all over the place. You would think I would get upset but instead I started laughing. Something in my spirit rose up about unexpected blessing.

My husband and I have been working very hard for quite some time to change our current circumstances. The feeling I had from the Lord was that unexpectedly, in the midst of “shaking things up,” that things were going to quickly and unexpectedly burst forth in our favor over every area of our life, and it was going to be bigger and better than anything we could expect.

But we aren’t the only ones working to shift and change broken past paradigms. There are many out there doing the same hard work as us. And, I felt in my spirit that the unexpected breakthrough and blessing is meant for many.

If you have been working towards the new, yet the old seems to be clinging to you, just keep going. We are closer than we think. And, when we least expect it, things are going to burst forth in our favor.

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