The Lord’s Relay

Recently, the Lord showed me a brief scene of a relay race as I was in that dream-like state right before waking. I was running my leg of the race and I could see the baton in my hand. It was near the end of my portion of the race. I took two more strides, stretched out my arm, passed the baton, and the next runner took off. Instead of being sad, I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment. I had run my race to the best of my ability, completed what I was meant to do, and passed the race off to the next runner. As the dream was about to end, I ever so gently heard the Lord say, “Now you are free to go join another race.” 

I woke up with a sense of excitement and encouragement. I am at a place in my life where one season is ending and I know I am transitioning into a new season. Rather than trying to hold onto the old, the Lord’s encouragement is making it easy to let go and embrace the new.

What a beautiful image the Lord used — a relay race! You are not alone in your endeavor. You have others working towards a similar goal. And, when you have completed what He has called you to do, there are other people there to pickup where you left off and keep things going. It creates a beautiful, free-flowing, and never ending cycle. How freeing!

So now I find myself eagerly scanning the field looking to see what baton the Lord is ready to hand me and embark on the next leg of the relay He guides me to join.

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