The God Who Wipes Away Tears

I feel and sense the Lord moving in people’s lives in the area of healing. There is a new season upon us. But some of the experiences from the old season (and farther back) need to be healed. We cannot move into the new season and function in it to our full capacity without revisiting and processing—with the Lord—things that occurred in the previous season. There are scars that need healing, mindsets that need to be shifted, and experiences that need to be processed through the Lord’s insight.  

This nudge towards healing has been masked in an unusual way. It has manifested in painful memories re-emerging. Memories that you thought you had dealt with coming back to the surface. Sometimes it manifests as throbbing or irritating pain in various parts of your body. There is an unexplainable restlessness and irritability that catches you unaware. And then, there are rare times where anger rises up and you don’t know why. 

It is easy to mistake this for the chaos that we are currently experiencing in the world. But, if you take the time to stop, breathe, and focus on what is coming to the surface, you will notice a theme. They are memories of things from your past that are still trapped in your body and they are surfacing because it is time that they are processed and completely released. 

I have been experiencing this for the past several weeks. It took some time and the Lord’s help to realize what was going on. Now, when one of these issues occurs, I am able to recognize that something trapped is coming to the surface. Instead of the urge to fight against it, I recognize and am grateful that it means that it is time for the issue to be released. 

In the new season, these things from the past would hinder us and God’s heart is for us to operate in His fullness.It is important that we take this time now to fully process these issues with the Lord. The Lord is asking us to allow Him to come in and reveal the truth of the situations we have misinterpreted as a result of the pain of our experiences. This heals us in those areas, allowing the stored memories to leave us for good, and freeing us to operate in His fullness for what is coming.

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