What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Gone

This simple decorative piece sits on the corner of my desk. I have it there as a daily reminder. When life’s struggles creep in, it can be hard to remember that there is hope for a better future. 

Our family’s journey has not looked like most people. For many years, things were extremely hard, and every time we thought things were going to get better, the rug was pulled out from underneath us. It is hard to hold on to hope when this is your daily experience over a prolonged period of time. I have such empathy for the many people who have experienced this in 2020!

Hope deferred truly does make the heart weary. When I start to doubt, I look at the words “What is coming is better than what is gone,” and I feel my hope renewed. God promises to make all things new; when I am able to focus on that, I am able to hold on to His ability to restore me.

The word restore means to bring back to a former condition, place or position. But God takes it a step farther. When He restores, He makes it better than it was before. So that means that what is coming truly is better than what is gone. 

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