Harvest Time

God has been going out of His way lately to orchestrate real-life experiences that remind me of old promises that I had forgotten. 

The picture above represents one such recent encounter. It is the table my husband and I ate dinner at nearly seven years ago. It was a magical night filled with God pouring out His heart and future for us in the midst of a major life transition.

During our dinner, He brought up themes of hope, favor, blessing, restoration, and a time of harvest in our future. He was building in me what I would need for the season of deconstruction that we were about to enter. I have to admit that in the midst of that season, I forgot about His encouragement.

And then, recently, He brought me full-circle. Fast forward nearly seven years and unexpectedly, my husband and I are having lunch at the same restaurant. I almost forgot to mention the name of the restaurant is “Harvest.” As I sat down at our booth, I caught the blue chair out of the corner of my eye. Goosebumps hit my arms when I realized we were sitting across from the table we ate at all those years ago. Suddenly, all the emotions and things He spoke to me flooded my memory.

It is significant when God goes out of His way to orchestrate things in this manner. He wants to make it perfectly clear that it is Him speaking to you. I have noticed a theme from God over the past few weeks. He is trying to reignite my heart and excitement. He is reminding me that He never forgot the promises He made. And, He is helping me to believe again that He is doing this because now is the time He is bringing those things to pass.

Get ready, it’s harvest time!

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