Don’t Be Afraid

Last night, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, the Lord gently impressed upon me:

The earth and all of humanity are entering a time of healing. Quite often the beginning is scary, confusing, messy, and looks like the exact opposite of what is actually happening. But that is always how change starts. 

The old systems of this world have to die off in order for the new to emerge. What is falling away is not from God. What is emerging is from God.

As humans, we have to release the old and embrace the new. We have to let go of lower forms of thinking and functioning in order to elevate out of a worldly system that God never intended for us. 

As we do this, we awaken to the knowledge that we have existed in a false-reality that has been imposed upon us. That in reality, what we are going through at this momentous time in history is God freeing us—even though it may not look or feel that way right now. 

When we begin to awaken, we realize who we are in God and all that He has placed inside us. It is time we start exercising who He created us to be. We have to operate in the new; the old ways will not work in the earth anymore.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know what to do — God will show you.
Don’t be afraid if things don’t make sense — God is sorting things out.
Don’t be afraid if systems fail — God has something better.
Don’t be afraid — God has everything under control.

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