Embrace Hope

Over the last few weeks, the Lord has been inviting me to return to a place of peace, joy, and hope in Him. I had allowed these things to fall to the wayside lately, and it was wreaking havoc on me. Hope has been the most recurring theme the Lord keeps focusing on with me.

And just what does it mean to hope? Hope is a faith-filled belief and desire, regardlesss of circumstances, for a good future. It is also the expectation of good things happening in your life. Other words used to describe hope include: optimism, confidence, and trust.

I was in the middle of pondering these very things when my husband returned home from running an errand for me. As soon as he placed the shopping bag on the counter next to me, I let out a little laugh. In the center of the bag was a rainbow colored heart with the slogan: “Embrace Hope.”

With the start of this particular New Year, the Lord is trying to say it’s time to dream again. It’s time to believe that all things are possible. It’s time to forget the former things and, once again, look to the future with hope.




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