Behind the Scenes

My son plays basketball. Recently, his coach formed an alliance with a nearby junior college. The boys get to practice at the fancy college gym on a court near the college players once a week for the next couple of months.

In addition, the coach has hinted that there are some surprise perks lined up for the boys, through this new college connection, in the coming months. He has mentioned that if the boys embrace and foster this new relationship with the college, it is going to pay off in unseen dividends. You can tell that the coach has been doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes. He has an excitement about the future plans for the team and things that are going to unfold this summer; he is just not able to share that information yet.

Last night, the boys and their parents were all invited to attend a home game for the men’s basketball team at the junior college. The coach asked that we come and show our support for the college team. He mentioned that the support we give to the college team will be given back to our boys ten-fold this summer.

Our family went to the game to show our support. Our son was able to spend most of the game on the court, next to the team. He said the players were happy that he and his three other teammates were there. They visited with them and answered questions the boys had about basketball at the collegiate level and beyond. He said the players wanted to know the next time the boys would be practicing in the college gym, so they could see them again. And just when he thought the night couldn’t get any better, the team they came to support won the game and invited all the boys to join them in the locker room for a victory celebration.

As we walked to our car after the game, I couldn’t help but see parallels to things the Lord has been doing in my life, and those of many believers I know. Recently, the Lord has been subtly whispering a message of renewal which has been causing a renewed hope to start rising up in me. He has been asking me to continue to be patient and hold on just a bit longer because good things are coming in the near future. I got the feeling that just like my son’s coach, God is bursting with excitement about the blessings He is about to give His people. I could also sense Him saying that He is working behind-the-scenes now but if we had any idea what is coming, we would be just as excited as Him.

So, with hopeful anticipation, I look forward to what emerges from behind-the-scenes…


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